New documentary highlights how grazing can reduce wildfire risk in BC

A short documentary about the potential of targeting grazing

A new short documentary from a division of the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association is getting set to premiere next week that will aim to highlight the potential role cattle can play in the mitigation of B.C. wildfires. 

The documentary, Too Close to Home, follows the stories of three communities in B.C. who are utilizing targeted short-term grazing to reduce the risk of unintended fire spread during wildfire season. 

“Dried grass is a volatile fuel type and can have a dramatic effect on wildfire spread and severity. Grazing is a safe, economical way to potentially reduce the intensity of wildfires by decreasing the fuel load and keeping what’s left in a vegetative state, making it less likely to burn,” explains Shawna LaRade, professional agrologist and range officer with the Government of British Columbia.

The premiere screening of Too Close to Home is set to take place on April 21 and will feature a post-screening panel discussion with ranchers, researchers, and municipality representatives. Registration details can be found online