ICYMI: Cattle industry's beef with nutritional labels, Jillian Harris gives Calgary restaurant a boost, and more

Here are five stories you might have missed this week

Heartwarming Canadian food-related headlines have been somewhat scant as of late, so we were happy to see a truly uplifting tale courtesy of acclaimed chef and author Jillian Harris.

The Canadian Cattlemen Association was far less thrilled to see Health Canada’s latest proposition on nutritional labelling, while Alberta beekeepers have a proposition of their own that could potentially help supplement the country’s massive colony losses. 

Catch up on these stories and more in this week’s ICYMI.

Jillian Harris gives a struggling Calgary restaurant a boost

Following a post about her restaurant’s impending closure on Instagram last month, Calgary restaurateur Janice Buckingham received an unexpected rise in online support and shortly thereafter, sales. 

As it turns out, her post reached the feed of acclaimed chef and author Jillian Harris, who then reposted and encouraged her 1.3 million followers to support the restaurant. According to Buckingham, Daydream restaurant has since seen an increase in sales by around 300 per cent. 

Visit CBC News for the full story.

Canadian Cattlemen’s Association pushes back against nutritional labelling

Health Canada is reportedly planning to go forward with a proposed policy that will require front-of-package nutrition symbols on foods that are high in saturated fat, sugars, and sodium. 

As sensical and as straightforward as that sounds, the Canadian Cattlemen Association and more recently, the Manitoba Beef Producers, have each spoken out against the proposition. The two organizations have argued that their product is a healthy protein option and providing nutritional information, such as saturated fat levels, would lead to a decrease in demand. 

Head to CTV News for more.

Sobeys partners with Scotiabank and Cineplex

The parent company of Sobey’s grocery chain recently announced it will be acquiring a one-third ownership stake in Cineplex’s Scene+ program. In addition to Scene+ awards, the company says the acquisition will offer customers a more exciting, personalized relationship with Sobeys, Freshco, IGA, and the other stores in its portfolio. 

Get a full breakdown from The Globe and Mail.

Canadian beekeepers look south for colony support

As major colony losses continue to be reported from Canadian beekeepers across the country, the Alberta Beekeepers Commission has begun talks with the government that could potentially allow the importation of full colonies from California. 

As it currently stands, Canada is only permitted to import queen bees from the U.S. and seven other countries, while the importation of full colonies is limited to just three. 

Find out more from Global News.

Canadian dairy farmers look to increase milk prices

After receiving an 8.4 per cent increase earlier this year, Dairy Farmers of Canada has reportedly requested another price hike from the Canadian Dairy Commission due to what they described as “exceptional circumstances”.

The commission says the request comes in response to rapidly rising costs of fertilizer, fuel, and animal feed, while industry observers have argued that Canadians can’t afford another price hike.

Check out CBC News for the full article.