Eat North Gift Guide: Great kitchenware to buy an avid home cook

Eight cool culinary tools that help to make home cooking a breeze

While the correlation between quality ingredients and great-tasting food has become relatively well known, many chefs will tell you that the second most important component to creating a perfectly cooked meal is the kitchenware they use to get there...and maybe even the plateware said meals wind up on.

Whether you're breaking down proteins, boiling lobster, or braising beef, having the right tools for the task will ensure that not only will your cook be consistent, but you’ll also likely turn some heads in the process. So, if you or the chef in your life could use a kitchenware upgrade, we’ve assembled some of our favourite kitchen gadgets that will take your home cooking game to the next level.

Origin Hand Crafted kitchen knives

No two chefs are the same, so why should their knives be? Roughly 45 minutes north of Winnipeg, some of the coolest and most unique knives in all of Canada are made at Origin Handcrafted Goods. 

Sustainably crafted from ethically-sourced materials, Origin’s culinary knives are known for their edge retention and durability. While any option would make for a great gift, if you really want to spoil the chef in your life we suggest the Blue Santoku.

Ciselier kitchen shears

As cool as it looks to open up packages or portion out proteins with a chef’s knife, most professional chefs will agree that owning a quality pair of kitchen shears to do your culinary dirty work is crucial. 

Cisellier’s Pallarès Profesional has everything you want in a pair of professional kitchen shears; hot-forged and hardened steel, serrated lower blade, and ergonomic grips for maximum torque.

Le Creuset Canada Braiser

When it comes to producing flavourful veggies and fall-off-the-bone meats, few kitchen gadgets compare to a quality braiser. La Creuset cookware is as high quality as it comes, and with the recent addition of shell pink and nutmeg, La Creuset’s enamelled cast iron braisers are now available in 15 different colours to match just about any home aesthetic.

Chuck Hughes cast iron fry pan

We know, we know—you already have a cast iron fry pan, but hear us out. Like a great wine, cast iron fry pans only get better with age, so it will pay to get your hands on a quality pan sooner than later. If you want to set yourself up for long-term success, the pre-seasoned 26cm Round Fry Pan from celebrity chef Chuck Hughes is one of the best options out there. Your future self will thank you. 

Pepo Ceramics olive oil bottle

If pristine handcrafted kitchenware is what you’re looking for, look no further than Pepo Ceramics. The Manitoba-based artisan shop has many made-to-order options that would add style and character to any kitchen, but the retro orange porcelain olive oil bottle is the one we have our eyes on this holiday season.

Made in the Maritimes larchwood cutting boards

A fairly common misconception home cooks often make is believing that all cutting boards are created equally. Larchwood cutting boards are generally considered to be the superior variety for several reasons. In addition to an intrinsic durability, larch trees are antimicrobial, and since they are among the fastest growing species of tree, using it is also highly sustainable. 

Made in the Maritimes offers a number of stunning larchwood cutting boards, so whether used for kitchen prep or for presenting hors d’oeuvres, the boutique Nova Scotia business has a board for everyone.

Meyer x Circulon clad stainless steel wok

When you want the durability of a cast iron skillet and the ease of a nonstick pan, few cookware items fit the bill better than the centuries-old Cantonese cooking vessel, the wok. The Circulon silver wok from Meyer ticks all the aforementioned boxes, and takes it to the next level with a stunning design and tempered glass lid to seal in heat and flavour.

Zwilling stock pot

One way or another, almost every chef will eventually find themselves in a situation where they need a bigger pot. So, if you want to ensure the inevitable dilemma is a one-time occurance, why not splurge on one of the best stock pots out there?

Not only does the Zwilling stainless steel high-sided stock pot boast an enormous capacity volume, but it’s also equipped with wide, eye-catching handles, a titanium-reinforced base, and a scratch-resistant satin finish.