ICYMI: Nova Scotia lifts restrictions, Calgary teen teams up with Gordon Ramsay, and more

Here are five stories you might have missed in food news this week

Last week, just as many Canadian hospitality businesses across the country prepared to strap in for a newly extended period of restrictions, restaurateurs in Nova Scotia were shocked to discover that the provincial government had decided to lift its restrictions ahead of schedule. 

In Ontario, restaurants may not be able to operate at full capacity, but home-based food entrepreneurs will soon see fewer limitations when the provincial government implements its new guide for foodservice operations.

Finally, an aspiring 15-year-old chef from Calgary saw one of his dreams come true this earlier week after renowned celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay reached out to collaborate for a TikTok video. Although the duet video garnered more than 30,000 new followers for the young chef, he has since stated that the achievement was just the first step in his long-term plan. 

Here are five stories you might have missed in food news this week.

Nova Scotia restaurants scramble to reopen following unexpected lift on restrictions

During the same time period that saw some provinces extend their COVID-19 restrictions, Nova Scotian restaurateurs were shocked to find out on December 31 that their timeline for reopening had been expedited. 

While the sudden shift did afford some restaurants the opportunity to resume operations, many locations were not able to reopen (properly) with such short notice. Many in the industry felt the announcement was disrespectful and poorly timed. 

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Ontario launches guide for home-based food businesses

The Ontario government announced this week that it will soon provide a guide for home-based food entrepreneurs. According to a press release, the guide will include an overview of current public health requirements that need to be followed as a food operator.  

Additionally, the government has stated that it has also made exemptions to regulatory requirements, which will provide more flexibility for Canadians to sell low-risk, home-prepared foods. 

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Calgary teen teams up with Gordon Ramsay


A post shared by Nate Haverko (@chef.haverko)

A 15-year-old Calgary chef’s dreams come true this week after a sponsor of renowned chef Gordon Ramsay reached out via social media to perform a collaborative TikTok cooking duet. 

Nathan Haverko, who was born with a rare disease called Cystinosis and developed a passion for cooking healthy foods as a result, has since accumulated more than 30,000 new followers. 

Head to CTV News for the full story.

Spicy challenge in B.C. raises funds for food banks

A volunteer firefighter from Coquitlam, B.C. has been in the news for the past two weeks after completing a series of livestreams to raise support for a local food bank. Last weekend, David McCloskey announced on Facebook that the livestreams - which included spicy eating challenges and a near-full body shave - have accumulated roughly $21,000 in fundraising. 

McCloskey has hinted that more livestream challenges are on the way for February. Check out Tri-City News for more. 

Fire forces indefinite closure for popular Montreal bakery

Montreal’s popular Guillaume Bakery announced this week that it will be forced to remain closed for the foreseeable due to damages suffered in a fire that occurred Tuesday morning. While bakery owner Guillaume Vaillant has since expressed his obvious disheartenment by the tragic accident, he also recently stated that the setback will not impede his plans for future expansion. 

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