ICYMI: PEI’s potato crisis, iconic chef calls it quits, and more

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It’s been a tumultuous week in the world of Canadian food news, from the federal government’s recent suspension of trade on P.E.I. potato farmers to dozens of Canadians across the country falling sick to salmonella, to a new record-breaking price hike coming to dairy industry customers and retailers. 

Thankfully, it’s not all bad news. An Ontario-based restaurant chain’s profits are skyrocketing after becoming the world’s first to invest the entirety of its revenue into cryptocurrency, and although it might be bad news for Montreal diners, celebrated chef David McMillan is finally able to take a long-overdue break after 32 years in the restaurant industry.

PEI’s potato wart crisis

Millions of pounds of P.EI. potatoes are now effectively in limbo following a recent decision by the federal government to suspend all shipments of fresh potatoes from the province to the United States. 

The CFIA reportedly made the decision after discovering potato warts in two P.E.I. fields in October. Although potato warts pose no risk to humans or food safety, the CFIA enacted the suspension to avoid a U.S.-driven stoppage, which could potentially have been more difficult to reverse. 

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Iconic Montreal restaurateur calls it quits


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David McMillan, renowned chef and co-founder of iconic Montreal institutions Joe Beef, Le Vin Papillon, and Liverpool House, recently gave an exclusive interview with Montreal Gazette where the 32-year industry veteran explained why he decided to hang up his chef's apron for good.

“I never want to shave white truffles on to asparagus for someone from Toronto ever again in my life.”

Visit the Montreal Gazette to read the full interview. 

Salmonella outbreaks in multiple Canadian provinces

The Public Health Agency of Canada is currently investigating an outbreak of salmonella infections that have recently been reported in B.C., Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Ontario

Although the investigation is still ongoing, many of the ill individuals reported eating fresh produce prior to falling sick. Officials have also stated that the sole Ontario infection was related to travel to Alberta. 

Find the full breakdown at CTV News.

Canadian Dairy Commission proposes record-breaking price hike

Although dairy prices in Canada were already reaching record-breaking levels, the Canadian Dairy Commission recently announced that it will be raising the price paid to farmers for milk next year by an additional 8.4 per cent–the largest increase in Canadian history.  

Despite the commission’s objections to the contrary, the Retail Council of Canada says the commission’s process essentially ignores the impacts on Canadian retailers, restaurants, and families.

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Ontario-based restaurant chain invests profit into cryptocurrency

According to recent reports, Canadian restaurant chain Tahinis recently became the world’s first restaurant chain to invest 100 per cent of its cash reserves into cryptocurrency. The Ontario-based restaurant chain reportedly began allocating funds into bitcoin back in August of 2020, and according to the family-owned chain’s founders, the ongoing investment strategy has produced a 460 per cent return so far. 

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