ICYMI: More grocery price hikes incoming, Vancouver Craft Beer Week faces backlash, and more

Catch up on what you might have missed this week in Canadian food news

We hate to be the bearers of bad news, but it seems like even more price hikes are coming to Canadian grocery stores in the very near future. While we were previously under the impression that inflation was affecting the entire supply chain equally, some Saskatchewan cattle farmers have postulated possible price gouging as the main culprit.

In other news, Vancouver Craft Beer Week was on the receiving end of major criticism after last weekend’s festival, Canada closed the border to some poultry products, and the 15,000 honeybees that went viral after taking up residence in an Edmonton intersection found a new home.

More grocery price hikes coming to Canada

Canadian food suppliers issued yet another warning notice to grocery retailers this week stating even more price increases are likely en route to Canada this fall. Although food inflation has reportedly already risen to around 7.7 per cent, experts predict it could climb north of 10 per cent before it starts to settle down. 

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Vancouver Craft Beer Week faces backlash

Vancouver Craft Beer Week took place last weekend and instead of being widely well-received like in year’s past, the festival has been receiving major backlash from frustrated festival-goers on social media. 

The Vancouver Craft Beer Week team has since issued a pair of statements apologizing and explaining that they faced significant staffing shortages and technological issues that were out of their control, but to our knowledge no refunds or rebates are forthcoming. 

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Saskatchewan cattle farmers request investigation into beef supply chain

Saskatchewan cattle producers were in the news again this week, but instead of campaigning against nutritional labelling, some farmers have been looking to the government of Saskatchewan to conduct an investigation into possible price gouging by meat packers and retailers. 

According to the Saskatchewan Stock Growers Association, which is a cattle industry lobbying organization, meat packers and retailers are limiting supply to drive up prices. 

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Edmonton beekeeper relocates viral traffic light beehive


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An Edmonton intersection went viral this past week after approximately 15,000 bees decided to make a home out of a downtown traffic light. The city went on to enlist the services of a local beekeeper, who has since safely relocated the swarm to a new temporary home. 

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Canada closes border to U.S. poultry products

It seems that Canadians who have found relief from rising food prices by doing their grocery shopping south of the border will no longer be able to bring some grocery products back into Canada.

Due to the high risk of avian influenza, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency recently banned the importation of raw poultry products—including eggs and raw pet foods—purchased from several U.S. states, including Michigan, New York, and Washington. 

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