ICYMI: Wild fish stocks critically depleted, World Cup beer woes, and more

Here are five stories you might have missed this week

The World Cup kicked off this week with no shortage of controversies or complications, one of which was what to do with all of the beer that was suddenly banned just two days prior. While there may be an endless amount of beer in our country, according to the latest Fisheries Audit from Oceana Canada, we are severely short on wild fish stocks in our waters. 

In other news, a cool new campaign from Cineplex Canada recently raised a huge sum of money for BGC Canada, P.E.I. potato farmers weighed in on the past year, and a pile of dead pigs created quite a scare in Saskatoon.

Oceana Canada releases annual Fishery Audit

Following up on its recent call to action in August, ocean conservation advocacy group Oceana Canada recently released its annual Fishery Audit. According to the report, despite a considerable increase in government spending, Canada’s wild fish stocks are still critically depleted. 

Head to CBC News to get the full breakdown.

Mountain of unsold Budweiser beer is being sent to winner of World Cup


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Although we are currently not watching the World Cup out of respect for the thousands of migrant workers who died building the stadiums and the untold number of LGBTQ2S+ persons prosecuted for being themselves, we will still be cheering for Canada to go the distance. 

Not that we needed an additional reason to root for our home country, but Budweiser recently announced that they will be sending their unsold beer—which was banned just two days before the tournament kicked off—to the winning country. Now, whether or not the winning country will consider that a gift or a curse is a whole other story. 

Visit Global News for more.

Pile of pig carcasses cause concern in Saskatoon

A highly disturbing image of a pile of pig carcases in Saskatoon has been circulating on social media this past week. The carcasses were left outside a Saskatoon rendering plant for a considerable amount of time, prompting several Saskatonians to alert the local health authorities. 

According to the plant, which recycles food waste and by-products from farmers and restaurants, the carcasses were left out due to a truck fire that temporarily reduced storage space within the plant.

Head to CTV News for more.

Cineplex Canada launches Community Day in support of BGC Canada

Cineplex Canada recently announced the launch of a new Community Day, during which movie-goers were treated to free admission and discounted food items. Cineplex allocated $1 from each item sold to BGC Canada, and when all was said and done, raised a total of $165,000. 

Head to CTV News for more information about Community Day.

How PEI potato farmers are faring one year later

With this past week being the one-year anniversary of the first potato wart found in P.E.I., CBC News recently caught up with some of the farmers who were—and continue to be—negatively impacted by the border closure.

Unfortunately, according to the P.E.I. Potato Board, the potato industry in P.E.I. lost upwards of $50 million in sales and some 300-million pounds of potatoes were left unsold. 

Read the full article at CBC News.