Vancouver's Dark Table Restaurant launches Levantine pop-up concept

A new Levantine eatery pops up in Kitsilano’s Dark Table Restaurant

A new pop-up concept from the team behind Dark Table Restaurant opened in Vancouver today, offering guests a dynamic Levantine-themed takeout menu that draws inspiration from the celebrated cuisines of both Syria and Lebanon.

Located inside of Dark Table Restaurant in Kitsilano, Yasma aims to introduce Vancoverites to the cuisine of the Levant in an approachable and simplistic way, while remaining committed to delivering profound flavour, passion, and history in every dish. 

“Our team has spent much of our lives living and traveling in the Levant and we want to share our knowledge and experiences with Vancouver through the distinct scents and flavours of our home,” says Sami Mousattat, general manager of Yasma in today's announcement. “Many dishes on Yasma’s menu will bring you to a place you have possibly never been, longing for a time that never was. The Germans have a word for this, fernweh, and it’s a feeling we hope to impart on all of our guests.”


Using a combination of imported spices and locally-sourced ingredients, Yasma's menu features an array of Levantine-inspired fare, from minced lamb sausages with pine nuts and sweet pomegranate molasses to fatteh hummus with chickpeas, yogurt, ghee, nuts, tahini, and crispy pita, to grape leaf-rolled yalandji stuffed with rice, vegetables, and fresh herbs. 

“These dishes are laced deeply within our culture and tied to memories of family and friends, which we hold close to our hearts,” says Mousattat. “The food of the Levant tells our stories and we want to share our passion for this cuisine with Vancouver in the way it was intended.”

Also on offer are a slew of vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, and halal options like the toshka (grilled pita stuffed with minced lamb and halloumi cheese) and the shish burger (grilled chicken, garlic sauce, red cabbage, tomatoes and housemade pickles). Yasma has also created a line of family meal packages, designed to feed groups of up to five that will become available to order on December 2.

Yasma is open for takeout only Tuesday to Saturday from 5 to 10 p.m.