Winnipeg’s Forth Café closes indoor dining to all guests

One of Winnipeg’s top coffee shops introduces its own pandemic protocols

Image via Forth Café's Instagram page

Following Manitoba’s divisive decision earlier this month to restrict indoor dining to vaccinated customers only, Winnipeg’s popular Forth Café announced today that it has made the decision to suspend indoor dining entirely until the end of September.  

“We are struggling to align our values of a healthy society with the current mandate from the Manitoba government which restricts indoor dining to only vaccinated customers,” Forth Café stated in a recent Instagram post. “We do not believe this is an effective and inclusive public health policy and we wish to signal support for open and reasonable debate on the public health response in Manitoba (and Canada).”


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The post goes on to say that while Forth Café does believe that vaccination is an effective way to reduce hospitalizations, public health should focus on providing protective, inclusive and pragmatic solutions for communities, such as free mandatory testing for those in high risk environments.

Forth Café will remain open daily for takeout from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.