Create an authentic Italian dining experience at home with the Tavola app

Let Daniel Costa's app help you with recipes, wine pairings and music playlist

You’re inviting some friends over for an Italian dinner party. You ask around for an authentic recipe, maybe you even make your own pasta from scratch, but if you’re pairing a California cab sauv and an Usher playlist with it (and we like both those things), you’re not doing it right.

Daniel Costa, chef of Edmonton’s Corso 32 and Bar Bricco restaurants, lends his expertise to the home cook with his new app, Tavola, which features more than 50 recipes, carefully curated Italian wine list and music playlist.

Born in Edmonton and raised just outside of Spruce Grove, Costa’s hugely inspired by his Campagna-born-and-raised father, who brought traditional rituals of wine making and vegetable growing to Canada. Through his upbringing and many visits to Italy, Costa retains much of his heritage and aims to pass on the essence of Italian cooking -- quality ingredients and simplicity in cooking -- to his audience.

The app features tried and true recipes, along with beautiful photographs and exportable ingredients list, for dishes like eggs in purgatory (poached eggs in tomato sauce, perfect for brunch) and ribollita (Tuscan soup).

The playlist featured on Rdio is a list of international music that creates the perfect setting of old world charm.

Tavola is designed for iPhone and iPad.