Ontario's Beretta Farms launches a line of organic hot dogs

Beretta Farms hot dogs

When you think about it, hot dogs are not so different from cake pops. Sure, one is meat and the other is a sugar-ridden dessert, but what they share in common is using up odds and ends to make something people enjoy eating.

When it comes to hot dogs, we’ve come to accept the weiners as “mystery meat” filled with barely edible bits, but Ontario’s Beretta Farms wants to raise the bar and remind us that it doesn’t have to be that way.

It’s brilliant, really. Take meat trimmings and fat, grind them up with seasoning, and stuff them into casings to make something juicy and delicious from what would otherwise be thrown out.

This season, Beretta Farms is introducing a line of premium and organic beef, turkey and chicken hot dogs that are nitrate- and gluten-free. The animals used are all raised without the use of antibiotics, hormones or steroids, so you can proudly serve them to family and friends, knowing they are made with ingredients that you would likely use if you made them from scratch. And if you think eating organic foods is expensive, you’ll be happy to know that a pack of these premium dogs (pack of 6 weiners) is only around $10.

Known for its quality meats, Beretta Farms has been providing antibiotic free, organic and grass-fed beef, chicken, pork and turkey from its original location in Wingham, before moving to King City, since 1993. Now, its products can be found at grocers across Canada.

So this Canada Day, think about grilling these ethically prepared hot dogs instead of the other options you find in the meat section of your grocery store.