Eat this Now: Lost Dogs Hot Dogs' Reuben Dog

This funky hot dog in Calgary is a must try

I love a fun hot dog moment, especially when it's comprised of quality components. Calgary's Lost Dogs Hot Dogs is a relatively new ghost kitchen offshoot of the popular brewpub Last Best Brewing & Distilling that is serving up plenty of creative hot dogs while also donating $0.50 from each sale to the Calgary Humane Society.

Available for takeout or delivery seven days a week, Lost Dogs has six different variations on the hot dog theme up for the ordering, five of which with a choice of veggie dog or Alberta wagyu beef hot dog. The sixth is The Reuben Dog–which is my favourite of the bunch, though The Coney Island Dog is a close second–and features a smoked Polish sausage (made by Master Meats) topped with sweet and spicy mustard, Swiss cheese, fried onions, pickles, a "secret" sauce and an especially unique condiment: dry-hopped sauerkraut.

It's a great mixture of flavours and textures and as such, I now crave it quite often.

The buns that Lost Dogs uses as a vessel for their funky hot dog creations are soft, pillowy and coated with poppyseeds. The bubbled shape of the bun makes it easy to slice a hot dog into three portions if you are planning to share.

If you're a hot dog lover like me and live in Calgary, run, don't walk to try The Reuben Dog.