A&W Canada relaunches popular Whistle Dog

A two-year-old petition from Bo and Jess of Wild 953 finally pays off

Image via A&W Canada's Twitter page

A popular legacy item from A&W Canada made a long-awaited comeback this week after nearly half a decade of appeals and adjuration from its biggest fans. Since it disappeared from the A&W menu in 2017, The Whistle Dog managed to grow one of the most dedicated followings in the fast food chain’s history, largely thanks to a petition from a pair of Calgary radio hosts. 

Fans of Wild 953 Calgary were issued a call to action by morning radio show hosts Bo Gordon and Jess Hoy, and since that fateful day, thousands of Whistle Dog supporters from across Canada have signed their petition


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“The Whistle Dog has always been there when I needed it most. And now, more than ever, I need the Whistle Dog.  It’s been there on the best of hangovers and the worst of hangovers.  It’s been there when I worked through most of my lunch break and made the decision to hop in my vehicle and go to A&W for a little bit of heaven,” the radio hosts say in the petition.  

“It’s been there when my bag of spring mix that I totally intended on using to make a salad goes bad and I know the Whistle Dog will save dinner. Now more than ever I need that bag of comfort. I can’t wait to whisper into the drive through mic, ‘I‘ll take a Whistle Dog combo with onion rings and a Diet Coke please!’”

The Whistle Dog will be available at A&W locations across Canada for a limited time. A&W will also be releasing a documentary about the food item’s cult following featuring the two radio hosts on August 12.