Toque Canadian Pub a young and vibrant addition to Banff

Small-town charm meets modern Canadiana

Despite the recent rollout of the paid parking initiative in Banff, the town saw a record-breaking 30,000 cars the following Sunday. Clearly, a couple of extra dollars an hour isn’t going to keep visitors away from the mountains, lakes and charm of the national park. But, you may want to carpool with a few more friends and look for a designated driver next time you go, so that you can carouse at the new Toque Canadian Pub by Brewster Travel Canada.

If you haven’t figured it out from its name, Toque is heavy on Canadiana. From the moment you walk into the quartz entrance, pass the river rock fireplace, to the maple wormwood tables and bartenders in toques (what else), you can’t get away from the modern, charming and ironic references. There’s even a hockey and golf simulator and board games to help you work up an appetite.

Decor isn’t the only thing that reflects true patriot love at the 220-seat restaurant. Where most restaurants feature a signature Caesar, Toque has an entire Caesar bar with four variations on the classic, as well as a gin Caesar. The draft beer selection is decidedly Western Canadian, featuring breweries like Alberta’s Big Rock Brewery (Traditional Ale and seasonal selection) and Grizzly Paw Brewing, B.C.’s Fernie Brewing Company and Central City Brewing Company, as well as Saskatchewan’s Great Western Brewing. Toque features wines from the Okanagan, and its spirits menu emphasizes an extensive selection of Canadian whiskies and vodkas. 

To go with the libations, Toque offers pubs favourites like fish and chips, burgers, nachos, mac ‘n’ cheese, and poutine, among other popular items like salads and sandwiches.

The Canadian Rockies certainly has a unique modern-Canuck charm that nearby cities like Edmonton and Calgary cannot mimic, and Toque Canadian Pub is determined to show off the best of it.