Deane House's Club Carousel cocktail

Sip on this cocktail at Deane House in support of Skipping Stone Foundation from now until Sept. 2, 2019

Image for Deane House's Carousal Club cocktail

Calgary's Deane House and its proprietor Sal Howell have always been passionate supporters of local charities. For Shake, Stir, and Strainbow--in support of the Skipping Stone Foundation--the restaurant will be offering this simple and refreshing Pride-themed cocktail named after the city's original gay bar, Club Carousel

Carousal House

2 oz. The Botanist gin
1 oz. lemon juice
1 oz. simple syrup
2 dashes Orleans bitters
1 lovage leaf and edible flower, for garnish

Pour all ingredients, except garnish, into a rocks glass.

Stir well, add ice, garnish and serve.

1 cocktail
Prep Time:
2 minutes