Eat North Variety Pack: Episode 17 airs July 30

Here's what's happening on our next episode of Variety Pack

As the long weekend approaches, it's hard to focus on anything other than sunshine and relaxation, but co-hosts Mairlyn Smith and Dan Clapson promise engaging conversations when panelist Carmen Cheng returns to talk about current food and drink news and make the most of summer produce before our guests arrive.

First up, we have food trends and innovations expert Dana McCauley (owner of Blue Unicorn Innovations) sitting down with the group to talk about how the pandemic has made people think differently about the ingredients and food products they are buying, as well as about some future trends we might see down the road. Next, chef Aman Dosanj returns to the show to showcase her dynamic Indian spice mixes in a delicious foraged mushroom dish.

Wrapping things up is Saskatoon-based country artist Alex Runions, who will perform his latest single "Take It out on Me".

Eat North Variety Pack airs weekly on Thursdays at 12 p.m. MDT (2 p.m. ET) on our Facebook page.

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