Eat North Variety Pack: Episode 12 airs this Thursday

Here's what to expect on this week's episode of Eat North Variety Pack

This Thursday's episode of our Facebook Live show is dedicated to celebrating pride and diversity with a great lineup of special guests as well as our returning panelist, Carmen Cheng.

Our first guest for the show is chef Aman Dosanj of the Okanagan. As the former owner of the contemporary Indian restaurant Poppadoms and current curator of pop-up dinner events through her company The Paisley Notebook, the chef will provide her insight on struggles she's experienced throughout her career, as well as people’s perception of certain cuisines (i.e. Indian, in her case) being "cheap".

Next up is Olivia Povarchook of Bitter Queens and bar manager of Odd Society Spirits in Vancouver.

Olivia created her Instagram account to celebrate a wide spectrum of LGBTQ+ performers in Vancouver and beyond by way of making cocktails inspired by specific performers.

The talented barkeep talks a bit about diversity in the workplace before mixing up one of her favourite summer drinks that's inspired by one of our favourite drag queens, Kendall Gender.

Now, any guesses on who our next guest might be?

Kendall Gender! After running a successful digital fundraiser earlier this week for anti-racism causes, Kendall will share her thoughts on what it means to be a POC performer in the world of drag and why Pride season this year is truly something to note.

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