Juke's Orange Moon cocktail

An apple cider cocktail like no other. Here's how to make it at home

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This holiday season, in addition to mulled cider and eggnog, serve your family and friends seasonal cocktails, like this Orange Moon cocktail from Juke, to kick the evening off. This cocktail--with apple cider, rum, coffee-infused Licor 43 and orange bitters--has the sweet, creamy and vanilla elements of holiday flavours without being over the top with spices.

Try the recipe out at home, or head to Juke for a few over the holiday season. 

Orange Moon cocktail

45 mL dark rum
15 mL coffee-infused Licor 43
25 mL apple cider
7 mL vanilla syrup
25 mL lemon juice
1 dash orange bitters
1 egg white

Dry shake all ingredients.

Shake with ice.

Serve neat in Old Fashioned glass.

1 cocktail