Mary Berg talks recipe development, her amazing crew behind 'The Good Stuff', and more

The new Wish We Never Met podcast episode features food celeb Mary Berg

Photo via 'The Good Stuff with Mary Berg' Facebook page.

It's not hard to see why the country has become smitten with Canada's newest daytime talk show host, Mary Berg. The host of CTV's The Good Stuff with Mary Berg has a personality that oozes charisma, and plenty of culinary tips too, of course!

Recently, Mary Berg joined Dan Clapson and Amy Hef on their new podcast Wish We Never Met.

Berg discusses everything from her approach to recipe development and why she likes to leave her cooking hiccups off the editing room floor. She also delves into why The Good Stuff, which is just about to wrap its first season, is able to be as exciting as it is thanks to an amazing group of individuals behind-the-scenes.

Make sure to give the full podcast episode a listen to get all of Mary's great insight...and to hear about a few of her favourite tunes too!


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