One Day in Ontario: singer Caroline Marie Brooks

The songwriter's favourite spots in Ontario

Photo by Jen Squires.

After more than a decade with the critically acclaimed and Juno Award-winning folk-pop trio Good Lovelies, Ontario-based singer Caroline Marie Brooks has been hard at work during the pandemic preparing for her first solo outing. 

Her debut album, Everything at the Same Time, is set to release in full on September 24, and just last month, she provided fans with a sneak peek of what’s to come with the album’s lead single, “Vitamin”.

Combining melodic indie-pop sounds and gentle instrumentals with Brooks’ sweetly divine vocals, “Vitamin” provides a welcome departure from the typically upbeat sound of Good Lovelies, while drawing on her personal experiences to explore the beauty in the mundane aspects of everyday life.

We recently had a chance to catch up with the talented musician, who filled us in on all of her favourite places to eat and drink in her home province of Ontario.


I’m a sucker for breakfast, and when we are living in the Almaguin Highlands our new go-to for breakfast or brunch is Jude’s Country Diner.

If you’re lucky enough to go, you’ll get delicious classic greasy breakfast options, and will likely be entertained by Jude’s 3-year-old grandaughter as her parents serve your table. The bonus is that there’s also a makers' market attached, where you can buy locally made wares. It’s a lovely spot.


Good coffee and delicious healthy food–this take-out market has everything you could ask for, including locally grown food, beauty products and candles. I first started going to Farmer’s Daughter years ago when I was passing through while on tour, now it’s a weekly stop for me when we’re living in Burk’s Falls.


Two words: COVID dog. Yep, we got one, and now anytime we’re going out for dinner, we often consider where we can eat outside on a patio with our pup.

I have loved going to On The Docks Pub in Huntsville for years–[it has] perfect pub food–usually when my band Good Lovelies was playing the Algonquin Theatre. Now, my family heads there often with our dog Jim for a patio dinner with pints (and Shirley Temples), burgers, nachos and salad.


[I love] Bullard & Dukes–which is attached to Riverbowl–in Burk’s Falls. It might be the beautiful antique bar, or the gorgeous riverside setting, or the fact that this pub is attached to an amazing bowling alley, but likely it’s just the relaxed family atmosphere that gets me.

They also have local music nights too, if that’s your thing. 

Watch: Caroline Marie Brooks - Vitamin (Official Audio)