One Day in Stirling, ON: indie rock band Long Range Hustle

The five-piece indie rock band's favorite food and drink spots in Stirling, Ontario

After a relatively quiet two years that saw indie rock band Long Range Hustle place most of the energy that they would have spent on live performances into writing and recording a new album, the talented five-piece group recently gave fans a preview of what’s on the horizon in 2022 with their new single, “Love Yourself”. 

Set for release in late February, the band’s forthcoming album promises to deliver a whirlwind of emotionally turbulent lyrics, piano-driven hooks, striking drums and bass, lush synths, and captivating guitar riffs, all put together to form a variety of climactic moments. 

Having grown up in the woods of small-town Ontario, Long Range Hustle has become closely acquainted with the region’s diverse food and beverage scene, so we recently decided to ask the harmonious fivesome for a few of their favourite places to eat and drink.


It’s a snow day on a Friday, school is canceled due to the 5 a.m. flurries. You call up your friends and walk over to the coziest breakfast nook west of the Mill Pond, Jenny’s Country Lane, for some classic small-town brunch.

The kind of grub that sticks to your ribs and warms your heart. Of course you don’t get snow days as an adult, but every time we go for brunch there I get that same fuzzy feeling of being 16 and drinking coffee with my friends while the world digs itself out of winter stasis.


Is ice cream lunch? Your mom will say no, but we say yes! Ditch the salad and treat yourself to a heaping scoop of that good cold stuff in a waffle cone. Get a triple-chocolate milkshake on the side even!

The Scoop serves all your favourite Kawartha Dairy ice cream flavours, and they’re legally required to not tell your mom you had ice cream for lunch. (editor’s note - there is no such thing as ice cream confidentiality)


It says it right there in the name; this pizza is special. What makes it special? The love. And the copious amounts of cheese. In the early days of Long Range Hustle, we would head to Jimmy’s Special Pizza after every practice to eat pizza and talk about how good we were (not very). Without the promise of a cheesy slice to keep us going, we probably would have quit after two weeks.


After a long week, what’s left to do except drink a can of Export in the parking of lot of the arena and go watch your buddy’s lace up against Havelock. Of course, these days Longtooth Brewing is right next door to the arena, so you can go there to drink actually-good beer and not annoy the arena staff. Probably a win for everyone.

Watch: Long Range Hustle - Love Yourself (Official Music Video)