One Day in Winnipeg: singer-songwriter JP Hoe

The singer-songwriter's favourite food and drink spots in Winnipeg, MB

With only a smattering of singles and a holiday special in the time since his last full-length release in 2015, Winnipeg-based singer-songwriter JP Hoe finally unveiled his highly-anticipated sixth studio album today. 

Written, performed and produced solely by Hoe, Botanicals contains a collection of captivating and heartfelt tracks that encapsulate the singer’s journey over the past few years as he finds balance between being a father, a husband, a friend, and a lifelong travelling performer.

We recently caught up with Hoe ahead of his upcoming album release parties at Park Theatre on September 16 and 17, to find out where the multi-talented musician loves to go for food and drink in his hometown of Winnipeg.


I really do love living in Winnipeg. It is a great city for artists to grow and develop in a lifestyle that won’t make you broke from rent alone. That being said, there are a few escape spots that remind me of elsewhere, and they call my name!

Clementine is one of those places. It reminds me of a New York City surprise; cozy and tucked away in the basement of a beautiful building in our Heritage district and the food is crazy delicious. The atmosphere of the open kitchen connects me to the food in a different way. I think secretly I’m hoping they shout for help and I run back like a doctor on a plane and help them avoid a breakfast service disaster. Anyway, get the Benny, then come back for lunch.


King + Bannatyne. They should have Fred Penner’s face on this place, cause it’s a sandwich paradise. Simple space, clean decor and a delicious menu that is constantly changing, it’s my go-to for lunch dates or meetings.

Their soups or starches are top notch. When I’m done the savoury, I usually quickly check to see if there are any doughnuts remaining next door at Bronuts & Coffee. My friends think I’m eccentric that I need dessert at lunch…et?


There’s literally dozens of restaurants I’d love to eat dinner at, but we discovered Cho Ichi during the early days of the pandemic, and the food was as comforting as a warm blanket. The cauliflower appetizer alone is mouth watering, but the original ramen (with extra egg) is perfect.

What makes this the number one dinning location on my list though, is that our son Parker talks about going every week if he could. Finding a restaurant that parents and kids equally love is not something to be taken for granted.



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I think it’s important to have a watering hole that you can walk home from. The Grove works for me. It’s unpretentious, inviting, and has all the beers you need.

After a while, we inevitably order sustenance to counter the work of the liquids and their kitchen is top notch. The burgers are simple yet great, fries always crunchy on the outside soft in the middle. I only wish they would bring back their namesake salad. I’m putting it into the universe, “bring back the Grove salad!”

JP Hoe - Where The Bullets Lie (Lyric Video)