Rosemary Beer Granita

Chill out on a hot afternoon with a slushy, boozy bowl of refreshment.

Rosemary Beer Granita

Although the days of summer patio beers may be behind us (not quite, but just about...), you can whip up this sweet, beer-centric dessert in no time the next time you're having friends over.

2 cups Mill St. Lemon Tea Beer
2¼ cups water
1¼ cups cane sugar
1 lemon, zested and juiced
1 tbsp fresh rosemary, loosely chopped

In a medium pot over medium-high heat, add all ingredients and bring to simmer, stirring until sugar has completely dissolved.

Transfer hot liquid to a large, metal bowl or baking dish (the wider and shallower the vessel, the faster it will chill) and place into freezer. Chill until ice begins to form.

After an hour or so, break up the top layer of ice and on sides of dish with a fork. Continue to check on the granita every hour, scraping with the fork.

After a few hours, you will have an icy, slushy, delicious dessert. Give it a final scrape with a fork for a more snow-like consistency, or leave as-is for a chunkier texture.

Serve in chilled bowls.

Eat on a sunny deck to enjoy one of the last warm days of summer.

5 cups
Prep Time:
3 hours 30 minutes