Very Canadian: Forty Creek's new butter tart cream whisky

A cream liquor inspired by Canada's most iconic dessert

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Few baked goods in Canada are as iconic as the butter tart. Whether you are pro-raisins or anti-raisins (we're the latter), chances are you enjoy the buttery, sugar-filled tart that is an undeniable part of the Canadian culinary fabric.

Surely with that in mind, Forty Creek has recently debuted its latest creation: Forty Creek Butter Tart Cream.


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The butter-tart-inspired cream whisky is notably more rich than its standard variety and is, obviously, meant to taste reminiscent of the classic Canadian delicacy. After a taste test, it's hard not to agree that the latest cream whisky from this Grimsby-based distillery represents a butter tart fairly well.

In terms of use, adding a splash to hot or iced coffee or even steeped black tea feels perfectly appropriate. If you're an on-the-rocks liqueur person, then that avenue works too!

Forty Creek Butter Tart Cream is currently only available in Ontario at LCBOs, but expect the product to arrive on liquor shelves in Alberta some time soon, followed by other Western provinces.