Cooking is fundamental: Why you should grate your own cheese

Grating cheese yourself makes it great

We know how tempting it is to grab a bag of shredded cheese to skip a step for taco night, but is it worth it? 

Like anything premade, in order to keep the cheese fresh and from clumping together, it will contain extra chemicals and preservatives that a whole block of cheddar, for example, wouldn't have. This isn't just us looking out for your health, though. The additives like potato starch and other anti-clumping ingredients mean that your cheese will not melt nearly as smoothly as if you were to grate it yourself. Even if you're not cooking and are just looking for a quick snack, a handful of freshly shredded cheese (we do it too, no judgement) is much creamier and tastier than the pre-shredded stuff.  

Do yourself a favour and take the extra three minutes to grate your own cheese; that cheese pull will be worth it.