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Katelyn Marchyshyn

Katelyn is a pasta-loving public relations student at Mount Royal University. While learning the valuable skills of writing, social media and event planning at school, she takes her learning in a different direction at home. Instead of reading press releases, she's reading cookbooks from some of her favourite chefs, such as Anthony Bourdain & Matty Matheson–cough, cough, Bologna Bowl, look it up. Katelyn has always had a passion for the culinary arts and loves to share her love of food with others, as a result her friends are no strangers to receiving a variety of snacks at any hour.

Image for Chef Scott Vivian's maple whisky beast burger

Chef Scott Vivian's maple whisky "Beast" burger

Try out this turkey burger from Beast restaurant

Jul 10, 2020

Talking Canadian food and Pride with Rita Baga of Canada's Drag Race

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Jul 7, 2020

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Jul 5, 2020

Canadian DYK: Nova Scotia has an African food subculture

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Jun 30, 2020

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Jun 28, 2020

Canadian DYK: Newfoundland has its own regional dessert called figgy duff

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Jun 28, 2020

Canadian DYK: Indigenous peoples used more than 500 plant species in their diets

Indigenous culture is the original "sourcing local"

Jun 27, 2020

Canadian DYK: Canada’s first recorded distillery opened in Québec City in 1769

How Canadian distilling industry came to be

Jun 26, 2020

Canadian DYK: Ontario is home to the oldest running flour mill in Canada

This Canadian flour mill has been around for more than 200 years

Jun 25, 2020