Cooking is fundamental: Why should eggs be room temperature before cooking?

Bring those eggs to room temp for the fluffiest cakes

When baking a cake, cookies and other pastries, you may have stumbled across recipes that call for eggs at room temperature, but why do cooks call for something that is usually kept in the fridge to be used warm, and it is really necessary? There are a few reasons for this. Room temperature eggs are less viscous, which helps batters mix easier and, as a result, rise better. Additionally, using cold eggs when room temperature eggs are called for could change the baking time, because once you mix in the cold eggs, the batter will no longer be room temperature, for which the recipe was created. 

If you forget to grab the eggs from the fridge, don't fret. For box cakes and simple cakes that call for only one or two eggs, it won't make a tremendous difference. If a Genoese, Angel Food or sponge cake is on the menu, you're going to want to take the extra time to bring your eggs to room temperature.