Cooking is fundamental: Ingredients you shouldn't be refrigerating

Not everything enjoys being stored in the fridge

We often think that by putting things into the fridge, they will last longer, but that is not the case for everything. Chances are, you have some extra items in your fridge that are taking up space unnecessarily. So, let's go through some everyday items that you should not have in your fridge and why that is.

Apples: Cold air inside of the fridge tends to take away the crunch and crisp of apples.

Stone Fruits: Stone fruits like peaches and plums shouldn't be refrigerated when they are still unripe, as the ripening process happens on the counter with natural light and warmth.

Bread: To help your bread last longer, it should be stored on your counter in plastic; putting it in a fridge dries out your bread.

Coffee: Keeping your coffee in the fridge or freezer causes the beans or grounds to accumulate moisture and condensation from temperature fluctuations. You're better off just storing them in a dark pantry.

Onions and garlic: If you store either one of these alliums in the fridge, you can expect them to affect the smell and taste of everything else in there. In addition to this, it softens them. Store them in a paper bag out of the fridge for best results.

Basil: Unlike many other herbs that benefit from the cold, like cilantro, basil is actually very sensitive to the cold and will lose its structure if left in the fridge.