One day in Calgary: singer Michael Bernard Fitzgerald

This down-to-earth Calgary-based artist shares his favourite places to eat in Calgary 

Michael Bernard Fitzgerald, or as he is known locally, MBF, is a Canadian singer-songwriter who has made waves across North America with his heartfelt words and genuine personality. To date, Fitzgerald has released four albums in which he has shown the world his unique voice and style. 

Fitzgerald has been serenading fans with his folk-centric sound since 2006, and he did not let COVID-19 stop him from his passion for creating meaningful music. Since the beginning of summer, Fitzgerald has been holding private concerts in his backyard, creating an intimate space for fans to enjoy his music and his warmth.


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These Summer Nights concerts have kept Fitzgerald and his fans connected through music and food, with each show offering Una Pizza and a healthy dose of Monogram coffee. We want to know though, what does Fitzgerald eat and drink when he's not performing in his little white tent?



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I used to live above the Red's down on Fourth Street, so the staff and the owner there have always treated me so well. I have also been getting breakfast with my family to see Deb and Danny, who both work at 1886 Buffalo Cafe. I find that usually, people don't know about that spot, but it's delicious and I've been going there for at least 20 years. They have a great take on hash browns and they have a breakfast that Deb and Danny both know that I like, so I don't even need a menu anymore. It's called the Kenny. It's these delicious hash browns, toast and a scramble with cheese tomatoes and chives. 

The last place I have to mention since I'm a resident of Inglewood is The Blackfoot Diner. I'm at the Blackfoot Diner all the time because I just think it's the real deal. My meal of choice there is the Working Man. 



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I'm not sure where I even go get lunch because I'm more of a big breakfast person. I had lunch at Our Daily Brett the other day and it was a tasty one, they have a great selection. 



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We've been doing these Summer Nights concerts in my backyard and we've partnered up with Una for that. So basically, the people that come to the shows can have pizza alongside their show. I've had my fair share of Una and I'm definitely a fan. I grew up with Cody, who does Native Tongues, so that's another guilty pleasure of mine. It's a pleasure to go over there to have some tacos and see him. I love going to places where you know the people, I think that it matters in a big way. 

Has food ever inspired your music?

I was drawn to food and the dinner table, so much so that it has made its way into a bunch of the songs on the record. One of the songs on the new record, called "Good Place", is about the way you feel when you're hosting people and having a dinner party where you get a good plate of food. And there's lyrics about coffee all the time in my songs. I think I was trying to paint this picture of arriving calm and arriving at home. Food definitely makes its way into that.

Is there a restaurant that you think is slept on?


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Going back to that breakfast question, I think people definitely sleep on Buffalo 1886. I like to go there and have a walk and some breakfast. My family used to ride our bikes down there and go to the "Y" and then go have breakfast. That was our thing. 

"I Love That Sound" by Michael Bernard Fitzgerald

Listen to MBF's newest song I Love That Sound on Spotify, Apple Music or watch him perform it live below.