One day in Montreal: Canada's Drag Race finalist Rita Baga

One of Canada's top queens on where to dine in Montreal

Representing her home town of Montreal, Rita Baga has been making waves on Canada's Drag Race ever since she strutted the runway with a bag of cheese curds back in June. Since then, she's become a frontrunner on the show and is now one of just three queens left, who will battle it out for the Drag Race crown and sceptre during the finale on Thursday, Sept. 3 on Crave TV.

It doesn't matter if she is dressed as a clown, Édith Piaf, or an elegant beauty ready for the ball, it's hard not to love this Quebec queen's, well, je ne sais quoi, while watching her on the popular television series.

Anyone who has watched this season of Canada's Drag Race knows that if there's one food that Ms. Baga is obsessed with, it's hotdogs. When she's not cooking up hotdogs at home for dinner (or lunch or... breakfast?) here's some of her favourite spots for eats and drinks around Montreal.


I like very, very tiny spots in general. I'm not really good with huge places or very corporate restaurant brands because I like when [the food] tastes more "homemade". It helps that I have plenty of spots near my house like this, so I just go to different places [for simple breakfasts] from time to time.



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I like Sushi Sama, it's in the Gay Village and they do some crazy poke bowls.



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If I want to have a fancy dinner, I will go to Leméac. It's very classy, the food is great, and the ambience overall is very cool.



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My favourite place to go for drinks in Montreal is a video lounge called District. It's a European-style bar that is very tiny. There are screens everywhere, so you sort of feel like you are in a music video. When you go there for a drink, you can make special requests for music videos to play on all of the different screens. As well, the staff is very lovely there.

The Canada's Drag Race season one finale airs on Thursday, Sept. 3 at 7 p.m. MDT/9 p.m ET on Crave TV.