6 places for late night eats in Halifax

After last call and before heading home, go to Pizza Corner for a late-night snack

If you happen to be in Halifax, Nova Scotia, chances are, you’ll be hitting up the bar scene. From Irish pubs, where Stan Roger's "Barrett’s Privateers" reigns supreme, to late night dance bars, we’ve got your good times covered. After a night on the town, there’s but one place that has always and will always be the only place with late night eats to sop up those drinks: the infamous Pizza Corner. These days, while the pizza still remains, the street is littered with more options than you’ll know what to do with.


The corner is named Pizza Corner for a reason. With three options for pizza, that huge cardboard slice is just what your hangover ordered.


Do as the locals and get those hands on a donair. Here, the meat-filled pita, slathered in sweet donair sauce is pretty much an institution so you must have one. Consider it your initiation.


The locally-owned Burrito Jax, soon to be a franchise, totally changed the late-night game. Now, you can take on that 3 a.m. hunger with a burrito the size of your arm. You could go big and stuff it with meat, rice, beans, sweet potato, cheese, vegetables, hot sauces and salsas; but the combo with messy pork, chipotle sauce, cranberry salsa, sweet potato and Jax sauce is by far the best. Your late-night self will thank me.


Canadians across the entire country sure love their fries, gravy and cheese. Most spots on Pizza Corner offer the standard but the real deal is at the small take-out joint, Willy’s. Perhaps its donair poutine has something to do with its title of the best poutine in the city. Across the street, Smoke’s Poutinerie serves traditional poutine topped with anything your heart desires. Think nacho grande, steak peppercorn, even triple pork madness.


There’s nothing like a good dose of garlic at 3 a.m. Mezza Lebanese Kitchen has long been my number one stop for a chicken schawarma loaded with pickled turnip, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and fire-breath inducing garlic sauce. The late night line-up and stacks of best-schawarma plaques on their wall says I’m not the only fan.


For late-night burger cravings, the classic with fries from Willy’s will satisfy both your appetite and your beer budget. For more adventurous eaters, however, there’s also the newly-opened Flipburger, where gourmet burgers, fries, and shakes will crush any hunger. Your liquid courage may even convince you to take on the Flipburger Challenge, a four-patty behemoth of a burger topped with items the entire menu.

Street Meat

Even though Rocky’s Filipino BBQ has made the move from street cart to store front, it regularly brings the BBQ back outside like old times for its selection of meat on a stick. You’ll kick yourself if you don’t get two; it’s that good.

Frozen Yogurt

Newest to the late night scene, Yeh! fulfills those late night sweet cravings. Peanut butter and gummy bear frozen yogurt at 4 am? Why not.