Daily bite: Thomas Haas partners with Cafe Medina for one-week waffle collaboration

Canada's most famous waffles are getting the Thomas Haas touch next week in Vancouver

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There are so many national and international food days that people seem to feel the need to celebrate. We're probably not going to celebrate National Oatmeal Cookie Day on March 19th and we completely forgot about National Cold Cuts Day on March 3rd (you can't even make these days up). But, International Waffle Day is happening on March 25, and Café Medina--along with one of Canada's top chocolatiers, Thomas Haas Chocolates--is giving us a fair reason to be excited.

The two award-winning businesses are partnering up on a limited edition chocolate-waffle combination that sees proceeds going to the well-known initiative Mealshare (which helps provide meals to youth in need). Starting Monday, March 19 and through to March 25, Medina will offer the Vancouver chocolatier's Haaselnut spread (a blend of caramelized organic Fraser Valley hazelnuts, 64 per cent Valrhona dark chocolate, Irish butter and fleur de sel) as a limited-edition topping for the restaurant's famous Liège-style waffles.

"Beyond a reason to celebrate our signature waffles, this event gives our staff yet another opportunity to reaffirm our ongoing commitment to Mealshare and spotlight the good work that it does in our community every day," says Cafe Medina owner, Robbie Kane whose restaurant has helped provide almost 15,000 meals to people in need since partnering with the Alberta-based program just over three years ago.

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On International Waffle Day, $1 from each waffle sold (whether or not it's spread with Haas' indulgent creation or not) will be donated to Mealshare. If you've ever sat down for a bite at Medina, you'll know that means a lot waffles will be doing a lot of good, and Haas makes for a reasonable excuse to have an extra one with your friends before your main plates arrive.