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Eat North aims to tell stories of the Canadian food scene and the people behind it. From liquor distillers and sodas made from Canadian produce to the wide array of ingredients grown and the chefs who manipulate them into perfection, Eat North tells you why food matters to Canadians.

One Day in Toronto: singer Kirty

The popular singer on her favourite spots in Toronto

Aug 24, 2021

4 Hard iced tea brands, tasted and ranked

How these hard teas stack up after a blind taste test

Aug 20, 2021

One Day in Calgary: singer Amy Hef

The singer's favourite food and drink spots in Calgary

Aug 20, 2021

Image for Cold Summer Fresh Thai Rice Noodle Salad

Thai rice noodle and vegetable salad with spicy lime vinaigrette

A refreshing summer salad with a spicy lime vinaigrette

Aug 20, 2021

Image for The Perfect Storm cocktail by Straight and Marrow

Straight and Marrow's The Perfect Storm cocktail

A perfect mix of lime and ginger for a delicious cocktail

Aug 19, 2021

One Day in Calgary: country duo Scarlett Butler

The country duo's favourite restaurants in Calgary

Aug 17, 2021

One Day in Montreal: singer Mint Simon

The singer's favourite spots in Montreal

Aug 13, 2021

The comprehensive cocktail guide to Shake, Stir and Strainbow! 2021

Here's where you can sip Pride-themed cocktails in support of a great 2SLGBTQ+ cause

Aug 12, 2021

4th annual Shake, Stir and Strainbow! kicks off August 13 in support of Skipping Stone

Sip on Pride-inspired cocktails across Alberta for a great cause

Aug 12, 2021

Image for Sweet N' Nice's Dirty Banana Shake

Sweet N' Nice's Dirty Banana Shake

A boozy spin on a milkshake to make at home

Aug 11, 2021