Behind the Name: Wild Tea Kombucha

How this popular kombucha producer came up with its name

What started in 2015 out of both passion and a love for kombucha has now grown into a full-blown fermented beverage enterprise for the popular Calgary-based Wild Tea Kombucha. From a lineup cocktail-inspired drinks like Pineapple Mojito and Hard Lime (alcohol-free) to their own spins on soda pop and two different types of hard kombucha, chances are that you've sipped on a Wild Tea creation before.

One of the company's co-owners, Emily Baadsvik explains that the meaning behind the business name is three-fold. For starters, it is a nod to Calgary being part of the "Wild West" as well as kombucha being a wild, fermented product that is living.

So, what about the third reason?

"I am a bit wild myself, or so I’ve been told by past boyfriends. You must be fearless, and a bit wild to make it as an entrepreneur," says Baadsvik happily.

Several other possible names for the company were considered Baadsvik and her business partner and included Wild Fermentation Company, the Calgary Fermentation Co., Baadass Ferments, and Sparkling Beverage Co. Interestingly enough, they settled on being called Wild Sparkling Tea initially, but after starting kombucha production, the name didn't quite fit.

"At the time, we were bottling our kombucha 'flat', or before a secondary fermentation, so the word 'sparkling' seemed a bit misleading," she says. "We decided to change our name to Wild Tea Kombucha. Full circle, our kombucha is now very fizzy and carbonated, so maybe [we should have stuck with] Wild Sparkling Tea. Either way, Wild Tea Kombucha we are and wild things we be!"