Wild Tea Kombucha launches new end-of-summer flavours

Rosé (kombucha) all day while summer lasts

Never resting on their kombucha-brewing laurels, Wild Tea has recently debuted a slew of new flavours to cheers to the dwindling dog days of summer.

A standout among them is the new tart, berry-forward Sparkling Rosé. It's a fun alternative to alcohol (or it can serve as a mix) and also one that, remarkably, drinks similarly to a rosé spritz.

The other interesting (and limited edition) kombucha is brewed with grapefruit and pink peppercorn and dubbed Ruby Slipper. The drink is a part of Calgary-based LGBTQ2+ advocate and writer Ryan Massel's annual LOVED. campaign. The phrase, "Are you a friend of Dorothy's?" was a code used by the LGBT community in the 1940s to help identify safe spaces and discuss sexuality without others knowing. With many people around the world are still not free to openly identify, Ruby Slipper has been created to recognize that continued progress is still needed worldwide.


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"Wild Tea is really excited to collaborate with Ryan again this year on the LOVED. collection, and we’re excited to work with Skipping Stone Foundation as our charity partner again for 202," says the company's VP of marketing, Beth Allison. "The message behind Massel's campaign is always an important one, but I think now more than ever, “you are LOVED.” is a message we should spread like wildfire."

The limited-edition kombucha is available for purchase online or at Blush Lane Organic Market (Marda Loop and Bridgeland locations) as well as Euphoria Café.