Calgary lifestyle blogger Mr. Fab launches 2021 LOVED Collection

Creative collaborations with local businesses to support and celebrate the LGBTQ+ community

This week, Calgary-based lifestyle blogger and LGTBQ+ advocate Ryan Massel–also known as Mr. Fabulous–unveiled the latest in an evolving series of annual collaborations that celebrate and support the achievements the LGBTQ+ community has made towards equality. 

In addition to partnering with a variety of local brands and companies, for this year’s LOVED Collection, Massel has once again joined forces with a number of Calgary food and beverage businesses to tell unique stories of LGBTQ+ empowerment through creative custom products. 

“We all deserved to be LOVED. Over the last three years, I have proudly collaborated with dozens of brands, businesses and allies to create a thoughtful and evolving collection of products that share the names and stories of LGBTQ pioneers, dreamers and activists,” Massel explains. “To those who have fought for our rights and equality and to those who question their place in this world, I want you to know that you are LOVED.”

Wild Tea Kombucha has been a passionate partner of the LOVED Collection since its inception, and for the first time, their popular Ruby Slipper is available in canned form ($3.29 per can or $40 per case). Created to honour a time when coded language was used to avoid persecution, WTK’s Ruby Slipper offers a powerful blend of ruby red grapefruit, pink peppercorn, and a splash of edible glitter.

The LOVED Collection also features new creative libations from Dandy Brewing Company and Broken Spirits Distillery. Dandy’s Love Nest is a lightly-spiced and effervescent grisette with original artwork from Calgary artist Mike Hooves. Available in 473 ml packs of four ($18), Love Nest was created to celebrate the landmark Civil Marriage Act of 2005. 

Broken Spirits has put together an entire lineup of individually bottled cocktails that pay homage to the 1978 San Francisco Gay Freedom Day parade, with each unique creation inspired by a different colour in the Pride Flag. Available by the bottle ($18) and as a full collection ($100), Broken Spirits’ LOVED Collection includes cocktails like Lavender Martini, Hot Spiced Pineapple, and Sangria.

Massel has also paired up with two of the province’s premier purveyors of sweet confections in support of LGBTQ+ programming initiatives.

Inspired by Egyptian activist Sarah Hegazi, Made by Marcus has reimagined a Persian Love Cake into a Rosewater and Pistachio ice cream ($9 per pint or $30 per four-pack) that will see proceeds allocated toward Rainbow Railroad.

Acclaimed pastry chef Arin Hiebert has developed a special cookie that honours both the birthplace of the Pride movement in New York City and trans activist Sylvia Rivera, who fought for equality during the Stonewall Uprising. Cookies are available in sets of four ($18.20), six ($26) and 12 ($52) with proceeds used to support Skipping Stone Foundation.

More information about the LOVED Collection, Massel's mission, and each unique collaboration can be found online.