Eat This Now: Lonely Mouth Bar's fresh udon

This is the only restaurant in Alberta making udon noodles from scratch

Photos provided.

The sign of a truly delicious dish is when you're still thinking about it three weeks after trying it for the first time.

Lonely Mouth Bar has gotten a lot of hype since opening up in late 2021. The contemporary sake bar came out of the gates running and has been getting plenty of local love for its robust selection of sake, cool cocktails, sushi, tempura and more.

After having a sizeable dinner here recently, I left thoroughly impressed by an array of dishes like a (shockingly delicious) cucumber salad, a sleeper hit of the menu, well-composed sushi hand rolls, the matcha-salt-dusted crispy tempura and more. But above all else, the freshly made udon noodles made a lasting impression.

A healthy portion of bouncy udon noodles are served in a piping hot dashi with togarashi, finely chopped green onions and tempura crumbles.The addition of yuzu zest makes this dish especially memorable, brightening things up like a big ray of sunshine.

Trust me when I say that this udon dish is guaranteed to satiate you and, more importantly, warm you up on a chilly winter's night.

Lonely Mouth Bar is open Tuesdays through Sundays from noon to midnight.