Many Calgary restaurants to remove temporary patios on October 11

Temporary patios in Calgary that impact pedestrian right of way to be dismantled for the winter

Anejo's temporary patio on 4th Street S.W. is one of many that will need to be removed following the Thanksgiving long weekend. Photo via Anejo's Facebook page.

While many of us have basked in the glory of extended patios around Calgary since the spring, the temporary al fresco structures will no longer be around come October 11.

Last week, the City of Calgary released a statement declaring that following the Thanksgiving long weekend, all temporary patios that "impact public right of way" must be dismantled. The mandate applies to any patios that have been constructed on public land.

Businesses like Anejo (pictured above), The Ship and Anchor, Bridgette Bar, Gorilla Whale and Model Milk—all with extended patios on sidewalks—are a few examples of this.

"Safety of pedestrians, road users and all Calgarians is paramount during the winter season. For successful winter road clearing operations, safe spaces for pedestrians must be relocated back onto public sidewalks," reads the City of Calgary notice.

With that said, Calgary's patio extension program in general has been made permanent by city council. This is somewhat confusing, but what it means is that come spring—once the snow has melted away and the roads are cleaned—all extended patios can return to their sidewalks if the business owners wish to reconstruct.