City of Calgary announces extended support for patio season

Patio season arrives early in Calgary

Photo of the Ship and Anchor patio via the pub's Facebook page.

The prospect of an upcoming patio season has been on the minds of many Calgarians of late as the weather continues to warm, and though the pandemic continues to create challenges for local businesses, the City of Calgary announced today that it has extended its patio fee relief program.

The fee relief was first introduced in May 2020 as a way to provide more than 100 Calgary businesses with additional support by allowing patios on public land as well as waiving development permits, license of occupation, and temporary permission fees for the entirety of the season. 

"It’s not only our citizens that are benefiting from our patio season starting a little earlier, but it’s really important for our businesses to have another year of fee relief. 2020 was hard for everyone. This gives us some optimism for 2021," says City of Calgary team leader Sonya Sharp. “If we can alleviate this for the business community, we’re doing what we can. It also sets the bar for other cities–it helps us be competitive. If you can open up a patio faster in Calgary than in other cities, then we should be promoting that."

In addition to aiding local businesses in generating revenue when they need it most, the City of Calgary says the patio fee relief will also mean more patio options for Calgarians, which in turn will provide much-needed space for physical distancing. 

The City of Calgary is currently accepting applications for outdoor cafes and patios for the 2021 season. Those who received approval last year are able to apply through a reduced process. Additional information can be obtained through the City of Calgary’s Planning Services Centre.