New ketchup-flavoured "Cheezies" released in Canada

Two iconic Canadian snack foods become one (i.e. our 2024 April Fools' Day joke article)

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(Please note: this was clearly an April Fools' Day joke.)

After decades and decades of battling over being Canada's most iconic junk food, ketchup chips and cheddar cheese puffs have decided to put their differences aside and launch a new snack food that melds their flavours into one.

Produced and packaged on a farmstead just outside of Estevan, Saskatchewan, the snack food is now available from coast to coast. A press release announcing the new product Ketcheezies claims it will be just as a delicious as eating ketchup chips and Cheezies at the same time...if not even more delicious.

(Pretty hard to believe!)


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While the recipe for Ketcheezies is (obviously) proprietary, the brand was brought to life by two former long-term employees of Old Dutch and Hawkins Cheezies. We've yet to have more clarity on the production process, but the snack food is allegedly made by pulsing up Old Dutch ketchup chips into a fine powder and then using the powder to coat pre-bought Hawkins Cheezies.

This begs the question: is this really a new snack food then?

Either way, if you have always been annoyed by having to alternate eating handfuls of ketchup chip and Cheezies like I have, then this new Canadian snack food is definitely for you.

For more information on Ketcheezies, head to its Instagram feed here.