Restaurateurs launch Vancouver Food and Beverage Community Relief Fund

Hospitality professionals join forces to create an emergency relief fund on the West Coast

An emergency relief fund was just announced this morning in Vancouver to provide short-term financial assistance to hourly workers in the food and beverage industry.

Organized by Abdallah El Chami (better known as Dallah, the co-owner and chef of Superbaba), the Vancouver Food and Beverage Community Relief Fund will allow Vancouver and Vancouver Island hospitality workers to apply online for monetary amounts ranging from $25 to $150 to use toward basic necessities such as groceries, helping cover any small bills, and prescriptions.

As funds are limited, individuals will need to disclose at the time of application the amount requested and how they will be spending the funds, which are available on a first-come, first-serve basis, one time person.

“There are so many creative and talented individuals who help shape Metro Vancouver and Vancouver Island’s food and beverage scene, and now so many of them are out of work and face a dire situation,” says Dallah. “Even with employment insurance, a large population is living near or under the poverty line, making it difficult to purchase basic essentials. This is our call for help so that we can help them a little bit to get by right now.”


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Tacofino’s head of finance Puneet Kochar, head of engagement Taylor Chobotiuk, as well as hospitality communications firm Sophia Cheng PR, have come on to support the initiative, which is actively seeking donations from individuals and companies willing to support the cause.

“We had to do something to help our friends, neighbours, and family; they are the backbone of the industry,” said Chobotiuk in the relief fund's announcement.

The VFBC Relief Fund will only be made available for hourly workers in the city's restaurant industry who have been impacted financially by loss of work due to the current pandemic. Hourly workers can complete the request through the online form.