The TikTok wrap hack that people can't get enough of

This cool trick for making a wrap has gone viral on TikTok

If you told me in 2019 that I would be happily writing about something to do with TikTok and food in 2021, I wouldn't have believed you. My current self knows better and remains constantly impressed with the clever culinary content the social media app can offer a user. Don't get me wrong, there's plenty of bad–and downright weird–with the good when it comes to food TikTok, but that rings true for whatever social media platform you may frequent.

Recently, a clever technique for making a wrap blew up. It was something so easy, yet game-changing at the same time. How could I not want to try it out?

One simple slice with a knife makes all the difference. After trying it once, I was hooked.

See below for the step-by-step on how to create a consistently delicious grilled wrap. I make a breakfast wrap in this example using a fried egg, cheese, lettuce, pickles and bacon, but the sky is truly the limit here.

The TikTok wrap technique

  1. Take a knife and cut a straight line from the centre of the tortilla to the edge. (Note: pita bread or chapati would work as well.)
  2. Place an even amount of toppings separately into each quarter of the tortilla.
  3. Starting with the bottom left quarter and carefully fold the tortilla overtop of the top left quarter.
  4. Fold that over to the top right, followed by the bottom right.
  5. Brush with butter or mayonnaise and cook in a hot pan until golden brown on both sides, approximately 3-4 minutes per side.