5 Cool Canadian hummus companies

Five Canadian companies making delicious small-batch hummus

Although the widespread popularity of hummus has led to a major increase in the availability of store-bought dips and spreads, it can still be quite difficult to get your hands on authentic hummus in Canada. 

While there may only be a few small-batch producers that tick all the boxes when it comes to organic hummus that remains true to its original Middle Eastern inspiration, those exceptional few are doing it incredibly well. 

With that in mind, we decided to round up a few of our favourite Canadian hummus makers who are making delicious small-batch hummus in Canada.

Hanes Hummus (Saskatchewan)

Hanes Hummus has been setting the standard in Saskatchewan for high quality small batch hummus for more than a decade. Hanes’ artisan-style hummus features a thick texture and is available in Moroccan 7 Spice, Garlic and Dill, and a serrano pepper-based Hot Date. 

Hanes Hummus can be purchased online and at grocers and retail outlets throughout Saskatchewan.

Jaffa Laffa (Ontario)

Jaffa Laffa was created by founder Steven Berkun-Drevnig after discovering authentic hummus in Israel and realizing there was nothing quite like it available in Toronto.

Jaffa Laffa’s hummus comes in four flavour varieties and are each made with only seven ingredients: Canadian chickpeas, organic first press olive oil, sesame seeds, Canadian garlic, water, fresh lemon juice, and kosher salt.  

Jaffa Laffa has temporarily suspended its delivery service, but can currently be found at various Farmers’ Markets across Ontario.

MotherMayi (Alberta)

Similar to Jaffa Laffa, MotherMayi was founded in 2017 by Nada Choufi after noticing a major gap in the Calgary market for traditionally-made hummus with natural ingredients. Since then, MotherMayi has become one of Alberta’s premier hummus providers with flavours that range from Labneh Zayt and Za’atar to sweet potato, roasted beet, and more. 

MotherMayi can be found at Sobeys, Safeway, and Co-ops across Alberta.

Nuba (B.C.)

As one of Vancouver’s top restaurant destinations for delicious Lebanese cuisine, it was only a matter of time before Nuba expanded its offerings into the retail world. To celebrate International Hummus Day back in May, Nuba launched a lineup of pre-packaged hummus in three signature flavours: Classic (Nuba Lebanese style), Spicy Green (herb and jalapeño), and Tangy Sweet (pomegranate and sumac). 

Nuba’s hummus can be purchased through Spud, Be Fresh, and Organic Acres Market, as well as select B.C. retailers.

Zaher’s (Ontario)

Although Zaher’s Small Batch has significantly expanded its offerings over the last couple of years, hummus has remained its bread and butter—and for good reason. All of Zaher’s hummus is vegan, gluten-free, and nut-free. In addition to traditional DIY hummus kits, some of Zaher’s popular flavours include Dill Pickle, Citrus and Sumac, and a red curry, mango, orange and habanero-based Velvet Sunshine. 

Zaher’s is located in Sudbury and can typically be found at grocers and farmers’ markets in Ontario.