Alberta-based entrepreneur Moirae Choquette launches cool new wine concept

The new Tomato Wheels Lambrusco is expected to hit shelves in Alberta in the very near future

A cool new wine concept from Edmonton-based entrepreneur Moirae Choquette recently debuted its first product in Alberta. After discovering Lambrusco while visiting Italy in 2015, Choquette returned to Canada looking to spread the Lambrusco love, but quickly realized that there was a massive hole in the Canadian market.

For those unfamiliar with Lambrusco, it is a fruit-forward sparkling red from the Italian Lambrusco grape that has a low ABV and is almost always served chilled. While there are close to 60 Lambrusco grape varieties, those that are considered the best in the world typically come from Emila-Romanga—the region Choquette was visiting when she first fell in love with the varietal. 

“I love Lambrusco, but the selection in Canada is limited, so we decided to produce our own. We worked with Sommelier Brad Royale to go directly to the source—Emilia Romagna, Italy,” Choquette explains. “We found a fourth generation, family owned and operated vineyard, that has been producing Lambrusco since 1925 (if they don’t know what’s good, who does?)—and 12 months later our beautiful collaboration, Tomato Wheels Lambrusco, was bottled.”

Followers of Choquette’s social media accounts will likely remember that in 2020, the multifaceted Indigenous entrepreneur was one of 15 Canadians selected to spend a week in Italy cooking with renowned chef David Chang. Although the trip was ultimately cancelled due to COVID-19, Choquette says it gave her the confidence to launch her own company.

A list of locations selling Tomato Wheels Lambrusco is expected to be unveiled in the near future. Keep an eye on the Tomato Wheels Instagram page for up-to-date announcements.