Alberta's ABC Bees offers free online course about queen bees

A downloadable toolkit and instructional video to better understand queen bees

Photo courtesy of ABC Bees' Facebook page

For the past few months, Alberta-based apiary and beekeeper training program ABC Bees and its owner Eliese Watson have been offering aspiring beekeepers from across the globe a series of free downloadable mini courses that have covered beekeeping fundamentals like how to conduct a colony inspection and understanding nectar and pollen flows. 

This month, the pioneers in urban beekeeping are offering a new course that will break down everything a beekeeper needs to know about queen bees, from how to cage queens to how to spot the differences in pupal cells in honey bee castes, and more.  

Upon registering for the course, participants will be provided with a printable toolkit and an accompanying instructional video to help solidify their understanding of the ideas presented. 


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ABC Bees also offers a wide range of comprehensive resources for beekeepers of all levels of experience, including beekeeping certificate courses and an ongoing series of webinars hosted by authorities within the global apiary community. 

Registration for ABC Bees’ free mini course is available for the entire month of June and additional resources available can be found online