Hospitality industry mental health resource launches in Calgary

Calgary-based SABI Mind launches the Hospitality Healing Project 

A new hospitality industry peer support system recently launched in Calgary that aims to provide mental health education and resources to the city’s foodservice community. The Hospitality Healing Project was created by a group of hospitality alumni who now provide mental health and chronic pain services at Calgary-based SABI Mind.

Some of the Hospitality Healing Project’s complimentary services include 15-minute consultations, a resource toolkit, Sunday peer support sessions, walk-and-talks with industry advocates, and a HHP hotline, along with s a selection of subsidized services such as one-on-one counseling sessions and group therapy sessions.

“The Hospitality Healthing Project allows us to give back to those currently working in the hospitality space where so many of us got our start,” says SABI Mind co-founder Heesoo Cho. “This initiative was based on pillars of increased awareness of mental health, alternative forms of healing and education regarding mental health topics that should be more common within the hospitality industry.”

More information about the Hospitality Healing Project can be found online