Edmonton chef Steve Brochu honoured at 2021 NAIT Celebrates Awards

The acclaimed MilkCrate chef receives NAIT Alumni Award of Excellence

The Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) recently revealed its annual NAIT Celebrates awards and among this year’s list of outstanding alumni, Edmonton chef Steve Brochu was singled out for his exemplary work as an industry innovator and advocate for mental health. 

In addition to collaborating with his culinary community, offering online cooking classes, and serving up a rotating assortment of creative food and beverage at MilkCrate, chef Brochu has helped to spearhead a Canada-wide movement aimed at destigmatizing discussions about mental health within the hospitality industry. 


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Since its inception, MilkCrate Listens has served as a safe haven for industry professionals to seek help, find healthy ways to manage stress, and receive mental health resources to make positive changes in both the workplace and at home.

"There is so much work to do in our industry, to improve how we treat mental health. This is a wonderful milestone / call to action. Thank you to everyone who helped get myself and MilkCrate Listens off the ground," chef Brochu said on a recent Instagram post. "When it comes to mental health both good and bad, you are never alone. You also deserve environments that handle it seriously."

The full 2021 NAIT Celebrates award recipients can be found online. Head to MilkCrate's website for more information on chef Brochu and MilkCrate Listens.