Eat North Podcast: Melodies and Menus with Celeigh Cardinal and Steve Brochu

Two recognizable Edmontonians on music and food

From soulful songs to great food, our co-hosts Dan Clapson and Madison Olds cover a lot of topics with this week's podcast guests, Juno Award-winning singer Celeigh Cardinal and restaurateur and mental health advocate Steve Brochu.

Both hailing from Edmonton, the two (separately) discuss the things they love about the Alberta capital when it comes to eats and drinks. Cardinal opens up about her creative process, her stunning new single "There Ain't No Way (Better Days Version)" and much more.

Brochu shares the struggles his business MilkCrate has faced–along with many other downtown Edmonton businesses–throughout the pandemic and his efforts to normalize conversations around mental health in the restaurant industry. The chef agrees that it is a topic that should be ever-present in the music industry as well given its similar late night hours and constant high pressures.


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