Behind the Name: Calgary’s Yellow Door Bistro

How this contemporary Calgary bistro got its name

Since the day it opened its doors and introduced Calgary to the art of souffle-style pancakes in 2013, Yellow Door Bistro has been consistently ranked among the city’s premier dining destinations. 

Led by Hotel Arts Group executive chef Quinn Staple and chef de cuisine Scott Redekopp, the 12th Avenue institution continues to provide a charming, contemporary twist on the traditional bistro concept, offering up bougie brunches, comfort classics, decadent dinners, and a wide array of creative libations.

“Yellow Door Bistro opened with the philosophy of ‘opening to new possibilities’ and what that meant to me and our staff was that we were setting out to redefine what hotel dining was in Calgary,” explains chef Staple. “We had a cultural change in the traditional hotel buffet and moved towards colorful equipment and presentations (example – our award-winning brunch buffet). The décor was also radically different from the mundane hotel dining room that had existed in the industry…featuring, of course, a yellow door.”

“When you step into Yellow Door Bistro you will feel a bright, airy space full of surprises; Yellow Door offers creative dishes in a whimsical, approachable style,” Staple adds. “Come for the culinary splendour. Stay for the unconventional charm.” 

Yellow Door Bistro is open for takeout daily from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.