Calgary’s Dandy Brewing Company announces new line of pops

DandyPop's first two flavours are set to hit shelves on June 23

This week, Calgary’s Dandy Brewing Company unveiled a new brand of artisan pops that will launch this month under the Dandy umbrella, DandyPop

Developed in the Dandy tasting room under the leadership of executive chef Merritt Gordan and director of operations Dylan Nosal, the new Dandy brand draws on the vintage vibe of the classic canned beverage, while offering refreshing and creative twists on traditional flavours. 

The first two creations that will hit the fridges at select retailers on June 23 are the chamomile-infused Dandy Tonic Water and the cream soda-inspired Cherry and Vanilla Cream, each made with real fruit bases and natural flavouring.  

“We love making what we love to drink. We gave it its own brand, because it deserves its own identity,” says Dandy Brewing Company co-founder Ben Leon. “DandyPop is meant to bring back a bit of that nostalgia for those goofball pops of the 80’s and 90’s...the ones you’d hang out drinking at the corner store while you argued over the best Mortal Kombat character and tried to roof pop cans.”


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More information regarding future flavours and where to find them will likely be revealed via DandyPop’s Instagram feed over the coming weeks.